About De-suung Support Service Unit

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His Majesty the king has graciously commended the loyal and dedicated services rendered by the De-suups in supporting the national effort to overcome and address the challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic worsened globally and became a reality in our own country in early 2020, the challenges mounted through the year. In an extraordinary expression of the solidarity with the nation, thousands of youth stepped forward to join De-suung.

Within a span of eight months, about 14,000 De-suups were trained from 38th to 43rd batches in 2020. While many youths were still pursuing their education or had just completed their studies and were yet to be employed, they sacrificed their time and comfort to serve the nation. Today thousands of De-suups have volunteered for deployment in various capacities across the nation to bolster national security, ensure public health and improve the well-being of our people through the De-suung National Service programs.

Further, as mark of deep appreciation for the exceptional services rendered by the De-suups, His Majesty the King has commanded that the State reciprocate by providing opportunities for the youth to enhance their skills and capabilities so that they can participate even more meaningfully in the process of nation building. However, to ensure the success of the programs, the De-suung Skilling Program (DSP) has to provide end to end services so that there is seamless transition from skilling to work. In addition, there also exist the need to provide De-suung Career guidance and Personal Counselling services to help them make the most of the opportunities during the pandemic as well as their transition out of it.

Therefore, to provide the above services, the institution of the following services within the De-suung office has established De-suung Support Service Unit to cater to Career guidance and Personal Counselling, which will help De-suups around the country to make the best possible choices and address their mental health.

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