Personal Counselling

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Personal Counselling is definitely one service that can help people learn to manage themselves.

The De-suung office has a trained counsellor who can stimulate personal growth in others; offer help in addressing many situations that cause emotional stress and hamper decision making.

The counsellor will either provide one to one counselling or telephonic counselling (depending on the clients’ choice) to those De-suups who avail this service. 

The counsellors can help De-suups cope up with various issues like:

  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional problems and disorders
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Substance abuse and other addictions
  • Sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Career change and job stress
  • Adopting to life transitions
  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Grief and loss
  • Sleep issues and social isolation
  • increase self-esteem and motivation
  • broadening knowledge, skills and abilities
  • improving decision making skills
  • building interpersonal effectiveness
  • maximize career opportunities
  • Appropriate referrals after assessment

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